Sparkplug 2015


“Sparkplug” will be touring throughout 2015 beginning with an appearance at The Dock in Carrick-on-Shannon. You can book this beautiful character to perform this award winning show as part of your festival or venue program via the contact link on this page.

Little John Nee “Irish Times Best Sound Designer 2012 for Sparkplug”

“Imagine Garrison Keillor relocating to Ulster’s northwest in the company of Tom Waits and D’Unbelievables and you get an idea of Nee’s singularly enjoyable production” Mick Heaney Irish Times 13/9/12  Star Rating ★★★★

“…bringing to mind something like Katherine Dunn’s novel Geek Love, with its traveling carnival, as Tullyglen community looks forward to “vintage day”, or John McGahern, with its clear-eyed take on a world that is not as it first appears.” Siobhán Kane irishtheatremagazine 11/9/12 Star rating: ★★★★

“A mesmerising piece of theatre balanced somewhere between the stories of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and a zen meditation session. The evening made me feel as if I was a child again, enthralled by a magical story…” Michael Harding Irish Times 22/3/13