bag of queens

a new show for kids recently premiered at the Donegal Bay and Bluestacks Festival. click here to view the set  bag of queens.

Bag of Queens is a new show by Little John
Nee. Its part of a new series of shows featuring the
character Sparkplug Callaghan, a musical odyssey
that races along with Little John’s trademark comic
storytelling style, exploring themes of ‘random acts
of kindness’, responsibility, loneliness, greed and
creative expression, in a gentle and fun way.
A favour for a friend leads Sparkplug to an old
grocery and hardware shop at a country crossroads.
Inside he discovers a lost treasure of consumer
items that now assume a very different meaning and
value. When he visits the elderly shopkeeper in a
retirement home he is cast off in an adventure to a
city that’s tearing itself apart for want of more ‘stuff