“The thing that makes Nee’s work so poignant, funny, tragic and real is that it is instantly recognisable; be it his characters, their circumstances or the situations they find themselves in. The biting wit and self-defacing humour allows him to cut through such harrowing issues as alcoholism, spousal abuse, poverty, loss, without ever belittling such topics.” –“The Donegal News”  

The Mental “Little John Nee, as actor and writer, has become a representative Irish figure and commentator, and never more so than here” The Irish Times

The Mental “Its beauty lies in its charm, but its depth lies in its message: we are all just a step away from one another after all”  The Sunday Independant

Limavady my hearts delight “Nee’s apprenticeship as a street entertainer on Grafton St. stands him in good stead, and the performance hinges on his unrivalled comic ability and his chameleon-like capacity to transmogrify from hapless hero to a range of other characters with minimal props and utter conviction”.

“His command of gesture, voice, pace, pitch, accent and dramatic pause is second to none, his singing lusty and the idiom very much his own”

 “Little John Nee does for the craggy rocks of the north-west what Dylan Thomas did for the lush valleys of Wales” The Irish Times

  Rural Electric A unique talent” –“Irish Theatre Magazine

Rural Electric “a masterpiece of storytelling” ***** The Guardian  

The Derry Boat “Scotland needs to see more of Little John Nee and soon” –The Scotsman

The Derry Boat “Full of pleasant surprises, the chief one being Nee himself” –Washington Post

The Derry Boat “I don’t think I’ve seen anything this funny in years” –Sunday Independent  

Country and Irish “An extraordinary performer…absolutely authentic characters…the whole of Ireland will love this show” – Rattlebag, RTE Radio

  Country and Irish “This show is ferociously funny” Galway City Tribune

Salt o’ the Earth “Nee is a genius…mesmeric and hilarious” – Irish Times