Small Halls and Potholes in the Cube @NUIG

It is inevitable that at some stage your teenager will think you stupid and cringingly uncool, this can trigger all sorts of emotions and perhaps the most painful of all is “wounded pride”. This pain may invoke in us a desire to lash out and crush anyone who crosses us, we enter into the “arseloop”™ where the more we try to show we are not stupid and uncool, the more stupid and uncool we become. Scientists call this the “Trumpmire” where we ultimately become Donald Trump causing irreparable hair damage. This cycle leads to a subconscious desire to exact revenge leading latterly to a situation where you spoil your grandchildren and encourage them to ignore their parents as they “are stupid and uncool”. Your children in turn will vote for right wing parties.
All this can be avoided by simply bringing your beloved teenager to see “Small Halls and Potholes” @The Cube Theatre, Áras na Mac Léinn, NUI Galway on Sunday July 21st at 9.30pm. Bring your parents too, let them know that you appreciate they were hip all along.